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Electronic Warfare


अशवतामा मरः, on the glorious battlefield of Kurukshetra, this was the strategy adopted by the Chief strategist, the Lord himself, as an Information Warrior, to lead these words out of the truthful mouth of “Yudishtira”. Choice of a weapon system, choice of the right person to do that to make sure the enemy camp believed the story and then to “JAM” the enemy side with the mighty “PANCHAJANYA” and all the other conches, when a query was raised, कुत।ःकु़ञरः व नरः. That is the power of Electronic Warfare, the greatest battle of Kurukshetra was won by effective use of Electronic Warfare, and more so by pure jamming(ECM) to ensure Dronacharya was laid to rest. The Kauravas were JAMMED to defeat, besides the use of the best missile systems the world is yet to come to scientific terms with.

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