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What We Do Aerospace, Defence, DPP & Offsets

  • Policy & Market Intelligence

    Defence Procurement Procedures

    DPP 2016 | DPM 2009

    Offset Policy – Understanding, Interpretation, Analysis and Advice

  • Regulatory

    Industrial Policy Interpretation


    Industrial Licence and aspects governed by various regimes

  • Market Entry

    Understanding of the Market OEMs in space and opportunities

  • Offsets Structure Formulation

    Formulate the Offset Structure for OEMs flowing from their strategy

  • Offsets Strategy

    Creating an Offsets Strategy for OEMs depending upon their vision, opportunities and market intelligence

  • Creating Offsets Proposals

    With a complete understanding of the Offsets Policy of the GoI, creating such a robust proposal that will withstand the scrutiny of the MoD.

  • Due Diligence

    On Indian companies for Product range:

    Financial due diligence | Track record | Production facilities

    QA systems | Certifications | Capacity assessment

  • Other Disciplines

    Tax & Regulatory

    Vendor Assessment and SCM

    Program Management

Sugosha Advisory Aerospace & Defence, DPP & Offsets

Sugosha Advisory redefines advisory in the Aerospace & Defence domain, with in-depth insights into the policy, regulatory and business information tailored with market intelligence. We provide a single-window mechanism for all aspects related to procurement for the Indian Armed Forces addressing both the Capital and the Revenue streams.

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Leadership at Sugosha Meet the team

  • Colonel KV Kuber

    Chief Mentor

    An alumni of the prestigious National Defence Academy, and the Technical Staff College, Col Kuber has specialized in Electronic Warfare. He commanded an Electronic Warfare Regiment in operations and has conducted EW operations in Western, and Eastern theatres, both in conventional and insurgency environments. He has also been an instructor at the national Defence Academy in training potential officers.

    Col Kuber was the Director of Capital Acquisition Programmes of the Indian Armed Forces in the Indian Ministry of Defence, an assignment which he executed in addition to being the Director of Defence Offsets facilitation Agency (DOFA). He has been closely associated with the formulation of the offset policy in 2006 and modifications to the Offset Policy in 2008, of the Ministry of Defence.

    Col KV Kuber founded and established the DOFA and was the chief architect of the offset policy since its inception in 2005. In his official capacity he has handled more than 300 capital acquisition programmes in the Indian Ministry of defence for all the three services, worth more than a lac of crores.

  • Shanti Kuber

    Managing Director

    A product of Fergusson College, Pune, Shanti Kuber super specialized in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics. A person with varied interests, she dedicates her life to the upliftment of society at large. She has been an activist in promoting education and value systems to the families and children of the Indian Army in the various tenures that she has had as a part of the family of Corps of Signals. She is a keen observer of the various procurement policies of the Indian Armed Forces and the regulatory aspects associated with it. As the Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of Sugosha, she plays a key role in integrating the efforts of the advisory towards the benefit of the industry – both domestic and foreign.

  • Sohil Patel


    Sohil has a degree in Manufacturing Engineering from PESIT Bangalore followed by an MBA in Marketing from TAPMI Manipal. He gained his initial experience at Titan Industries Ltd where he spent 3 years in vendor development. In a short span, he developed 6 component vendors for Titan’s watch division. After his MBA, Sohil moved on to a consulting role/SME  in Mindtree for various customers in the airline and transportation industry. Sohil has most recently specialized in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. He has created and implemented various business roadmaps across the supply chain.


Significance of Sugosha Our Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the greatest of wars in human history, “The battle of Kurukshetra”, as depicted in the great Indian epic – Mahabharatha, Sugosha is founded. Sugosha is the conch of Nakula, one of the Pandavas gifted with the ability of foresight. Nakula was also the military advisor to the king Yudishthira and Lord Krishna who manifested himself on the battlefield as a mentor to the Pandavas utilized the services of Nakula for effect. Su Gosha indicates Good and Authentic Information. We at Sugosha therefore pledge ourselves to be in conformity with the high ideals and standards set by Nakula to provide authentic and credible advisory to domestic and foreign industry as concerns the Indian Procurement process.