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  • Race to Renew India Submarine Force Amid Rising China Threat

    While the operational urgency cannot be undermined, there is a need for the Indian Navy to fight its wars with Indian-made submarines,” said K.V. Kuber

  • Sorry, Russia. Indian Air Force is unlikely to go in for the MiG-35 fighter jet; here’s why: MiG-35 is Russia’s most advanced 4++ generation fighter jet – and it wants to sell it to India!

Colonel (retd) KV Kuber, who adds that the Indian Army needs all terrain vehicles, drones and better rifles as well. “Bullet-proof helmets are just the beginning, we need light-wight advanced bullet-proof jackets. The ones that are in use right now are outdated and more than that so heavy that they are cumbersome to wear. This is specially true for Jammu and Kashmir, where operations involve chasing terrorists,” Kuber tells FE Online. “Also, with indigenisation and Make in India in focus, the idea should be to Make in India, using indigenous components,” he adds.

Colonel (Retd) KV Kuber sees greater and more precise intelligence sharing by the US in the days ahead. “Declaration of Syed Salahauddin as a global terrorist has sent a direct message to Pakistan sponsored terrorism, and I hope they will learn. The only exports they have is terror. Additionally, the statement on greater cooperation in tackling radical terrorism means is that in the days ahead, we can look forward to greater intelligence inputs from the US,” Kuber, an independent consultant on Defence and Aerospace tells FE Online. “If India conducts more surgical strikes, then there may even be a scenario where US helps in terms of technology etc,” he adds.

The bridge…is a great strategic shift in the thinking in the Indian defence establishment regarding infrastructure development in the borders with China,” says defence analyst K.V. Kuber.



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