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  • Policy & Market Intelligence

    Defence Procurement Procedures

    DPP 2016 | DPM 2009

    Offset Policy – Understanding, Interpretation, Analysis and Advice

  • Regulatory

    Industrial Policy Interpretation


    Industrial Licence and aspects governed by various regimes

  • Market Entry

    Understanding of the Market OEMs in space and opportunities

  • Offsets Structure Formulation

    Formulate the Offset Structure for OEMs flowing from their strategy

  • Offsets Strategy

    Creating an Offsets Strategy for OEMs depending upon their vision, opportunities and market intelligence

  • Creating Offsets Proposals

    With a complete understanding of the Offsets Policy of the GoI, creating such a robust proposal that will withstand the scrutiny of the MoD.

  • Due Diligence

    On Indian companies for Product range:

    Financial due diligence | Track record | Production facilities

    QA systems | Certifications | Capacity assessment

  • Other Disciplines

    Tax & Regulatory

    Vendor Assessment and SCM

    Program Management